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What does a guitar diploma qualification mean?

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Guitar teachers are two a penny - the local newspapers frequently contain advertisements for "cheap guitar lessons"

So what does my guitar diploma qualification mean to you, a prospective pupil? Why not pick a "cheap lesson" instead?

Well, my fees are aligned with the Incorporated Society of Musicians rates - industry-standard fees that you can check up on.

Agreed, a diploma is no substitute for experience, but unlike some guitarists who get a performance diploma and then decide to teach, I did the opposite - I decided to teach and then took a teaching diploma, with a thesis on beginners and their motivation.

What a qualification shows, apart from a measure of a teacher's ability, is their commitment.

What it means to my pupils is that

What they buy is

I'm committed to ensuring that when I put the letters DipABRSM after my name, it's not for my benefit - it's for yours...