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What's New here on this website...

My website has 200 screens of help, advice and music about Ensemble Guitar - last updated 17th February 2015

Most recent changes...

  • I'm slowly converting pages to make my website more friendly to those who browse on a mobile phone
  • Annother masterclass added - my one-page mini-masterclasses - cover unusual technical topics, not normally found in the standard tutor books....

Ancient history

  • This website opened on 8th February 1998 as a testbed for Corda Music Publications. I relaunched it as my Guitar Ensemble Website on 31st May

What's New out in the real world...

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I run 2 ensembles; there's 'new news' every week ...

So far, my ensembles' concerts have raised £70,017

Hampshire Guitar Orchestra - hago

Hampshire Guitar Orchestra

hago - guitarists playing 4 sizes of classical guitar and performing concerts for local charities.

The Farlington Guitar Workshop

Guitar Workshop

Workshop (Est 1988), is one of the South's largest informal guitar ensembles for novice and intermediate players.