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Music Medals at the Guildford International Music Festival Guitar Day

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March 12th 2005 saw a fascinating event take place at the University of Surrey as part of the Guildford International Music Festival.

Music Medals for Guitar

The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music and their Guitar Consultant Richard Wright gave a presentation on the new Music Medals for Guitar.

This was followed by a recital made up of duets, trios and quartets from each of the five levels - Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum - played by children and youngsters from

The performances were to a magnificent standard, and most of the items had one player per Music Medal part - congratulations are due to everyone who took part!

The programme was well-chosen to cover the amazing range of styles, rhtyms and textures, and the pieces carefully chosen to ensure that each composer was represented in two works.

My "Jammin' In The Traffic Jam" was performed by High Wycombe Music Centre.

My "Leaves In The Breeze" was performed by Guildford High School.

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