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January 2019

Blue Tango

Blue Tango (4 guitars/large ensemble)


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"Blue Tango"?


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I have just published "Blue Tango" for intermediate guitar quartet - it's based on the arrangement Hampshire Guitar Orchestra played, and it works equally well with 4 guitars or with a large ensemble. This accessible arrangement captures the punchy rhythm of the original and the lilting melody and countermelody.


See and hear a sample on the SMP website

Ensemble music - instant downloads

The flurry of activity that I mentioned at the tale end of 2018, when I published 23 more accessible and fun ensembles, well, it's turned into a flurry of downloads from the UK, America, Europe and Australasia. Exciting times!

Happy New Year!

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Looking back over 2018, it was an amazing year for music sales - my "instantly available downloads" proved especially popular...