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This page is from April 2001

The Slancelot - the 2001 April Fool

The Setup...

The Slancelot (Patent Pending) is a British design for a radical innovation in the world of Classical Guitar - a guitar in which the fingerboard takes account of

a) The shortness of the left hand 4th finger (making reaches onto the lower strings more difficult)

b) The tendency, when the hand is spread, for the first finger to reach out further on the lower strings - the direct opposite of the 4th finger.

Despite the mawkish name, which panders to the "Legend of King Arthur", the guitar is no fiction, and a jpeg is on my site. The slant (hence the name) is quite noticeable, but improves, rather than hinders, playability especially of barrés. Study the photo and all will be clear.

Inventor Belton Brasus commissioned the unusual fretting and placed the work with up and coming British luthier Ben Twire . There is a parallel twist to the fingerboard that is matched to the physiology of one's left hand. Obviously, this cannot be restrung to suit a left-handed player, but a left-handed guitar would, of course, be available to order if this prototype meets with the acclaim it is expected to.

The Punchline...

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