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Some Guitar Links...

There are dozens - hundreds - of other Guitar resources on the Web.

Guitar in action
The Hampshire Guitar Orchestra (hago) It's me! Proof that I really do put my money where my mouth is. Come and meet my Alto, Guitar, Bass and Contrabass players up the road in cyberspace...
The Guitar Workshop Me again! My informal ensemble welcomes new players all year round.

A small list of links to large lists of links to other sites...
World Guitarist Gunnar Eisel has a fine and comprehensive set of links - enjoy!
Dale Reagan's Guitar Site The Internet Classical Guitar Resource is evolving fast and growing swiftly.
 Guitar Ensemble Graz The homepage takes you to heaps and heaps of links. Plus more proof that Ensemble playing is fun - including sound clips of Manfred Steflitsch's Ensemble in action.
GitarreHamburg A large German guitar portal (in German only) featuring ensembles and orchestras together with PDF and MP3 files - lots to see!

A page of speciality sites...
Click here for some featured links that you might enjoy visiting

Local friends - meet those who enjoy Guitar in my area...
Dorset Guitar Society A detailed set of links which will provide you with much browsing pleasure.
West Sussex Guitar Club Just down the road from me, and such a warm welcome!
 Southampton Classical Guitar Society And on the Hampshire side of me - another society and another warm welcome.

Other UK Internet Resources
Associated Board

The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music has an on-line syllabus. Their choices of solo & duet Classical Guitar pieces at 8 different grades may introduce you to pieces you've not met before. Some come from books produced in collaboration with the European Guitar Teachers' Association (EGTA) - a cost-effective way to build a library. Look out too for their Music Medals scheme - I've written some pieces for it - promoting ensemble guitar for children in schools.
See also this page

SGC Nottingham Now also called GuitarNotes, this is simply the best mail-order place to buy music for Guitar Ensembles. I'm simply a satisfied customer of SGC, and this is an unsolicited testimonial! Order their expensive, but nonetheless amazing value-for-money Repertoire Guide for a sourcebook of solo and ensemble music that is almost encyclopaedic!
Corda Music Publications A wealth of Ensemble Music at a variety of levels. OK - I admit it - I'm biased: some of my Ensemble music is published there. Owner Ian Gammie is a working Guitarist and Composer too, so he knows his stuff!
Lathkill Music Publications Another wealth of Ensemble Music at a variety of levels. I'm biased again! More of my Ensemble music is published there. Owner Steve Marsh is also a working Guitarist and Composer.

Open to suggestions I'm happy to receive suggestions for other links, and news of how you came to find me.