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Bedhampton Retail Park - R.I.P. 24 April 2004

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This page is from 2004

Road Sign

A sad day for the Havant Area

An Appreciation

One often begins a memorial speech with the words "Gone, but not forgotten"

Not so Bedhampton Retail Park, which is "Forgotten, but not gone"

Our earlier pages invite visitors to the Havant Area to seek out what is -
no, what was - probably the UK's smallest shopping centre.

That opportunity is no longer with us, because on 24th April 2004, after a difficult birth and a lonely childhood, the brown and white sign that was Bedhampton Retail Park lost the will to live, and was taken away by Council Workers.

It leaves behind the one shop and an empty car-park.

Stop press - May 2004 - there's even MORE story!