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Bedhampton Bonus Feature - epilogue

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This page is from 2004

When I first wrote this page, it read...

Perhaps the moment will pass, but right now I commend to you the truly amazing website

Maybe by the time you visit the website it will be a beacon of light pouring its golden rays on to Bedhampton.

Meantime, let's commemorate its November 15th 2004 update and secure that update's place in history.

  • Under Bedhampton there is a single " ? "
  • Under Things to do there's nothing. Nothing at all.

As I said earlier, Bedhampton is apparently UFO visitations and very little else - and now it's official!


That website, by the way, never did become a beacon of light, pouring it's golden rays anywhere much, actually...
As of the last update of this page, it is an advert for a hosting company.

The moment, alas, has indeed now passed.