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This page is from 2004

Welcome to Havant!

I run the Hampshire Guitar Orchestra - hago. This page used to be on the Hampshire Guitar Orchestra website

We rehearse in the Havant area, and up till 2004, our name was the Havant Area Guitar Orchestra.

We got a bit tired of people saying ha-VANT (or even HAY-vent) instead of - well, simply haven't, and so we're now the Hampshire Guitar Orchestra. End of pronunciation problems!

Anyway, come with me on a high-speed tour of the Havant area of Hampshire...

Where is Havant?

... right in the south east corner of the county of Hampshire.
Situated on the central South Coast of England, just beyond the South Downs, Havant is 90 minutes from London and is within sight of the sea and, just across the Solent, the Isle of Wight.

Havant Town

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Havant was famous long ago for producing the parchment on which the Magna Carta was signed, and its location on the fringes of The South Downs make it a home to one of the world's largest spring water supplies. Indeed, Havant parchment was renowned for its whiteness and this was due to the chalk-filtered water used during its manufacture.

Havant town centre, shown here with its regular Market, sits close to the coast, and on the edge of the rolling countryside that is The South Downs.

Surrounding Havant is a mix of towns, villages and seaside resorts including Portsmouth, Southsea, Hayling Island, Bedhampton, Purbrook, Waterlooville, Horndean, Rowlands Castle and Emsworth.

Close to Havant is Portsdown Hill, home to Palmerston's forts, built at vast expense to defend Portsmouth from the enemy attack that never came. It's also become famous recently for a set of UFO visitations; or so two of the locals say!

The view south from the Hill overlooks Broadmarsh, inspiration of "Broadmarsh Blues", a Guitar Trio I've written as part of my "Light Blues" book - you can see and here a snippet in my Shop.

Portsdown Hill near Havant

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Havant Cricket

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Just a few miles away to the west lies Hambledon, and Broadhalfpenny Down, the birthplace of the game of cricket

Here's a match taking place in the park at Havant.


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