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Featured Guitar Links...

If you have come to this page from a search engine or another website...

From time to time we all come across websites we weren't expecting to find.

Here are some I'd like to share, for no other reason that you might enjoy them.
I've not necessarily done business with those that are have items to sell.

Most recent first...

DS Music - resources A Monmouth shop with some great guitar articles and resources (click left) and a mail-order service.
Federation of Guitar Societies Looking for like-minded people near you? The Federation has a website and also a map of the UK showing groups near you.
Strings Etc Here's a UK-based mail-order shop with a small but well-priced selection of strings.
Christchurch Guitar Society No, that's right - Christchurch 12000 miles from me. But I have a vested interested - their webmaster Kathryn (I was going to say webmistress, but it sounds so very wrong) used to be in hago and is sorely missed!
The Guitar Zone Blogs and articles that help guitar players learn about their favourite guitar songs
Jürg Kindle Lot of interesting compositions for guitar orchestra and guitar, chamber music, free stuff and mp3s
JustStrings A fantastic selection of strings for all stringed instruments - worldwide delivery.
Guitar Secrets Guitar Secrets, Lead Guitar Made Easy and Free Online Guitar Lessons
Hobgoblin Music For hard to find folk and acoustic musical instruments and accessories
Guitar Tricks Full access to a complete step by step course to teach you the real techniques of authentic country guitar. Instructors are Nashville-based working session players. 24 free lessons just to try it.
Nevada Music A large shop with a whole range of musical stock - not too much in the classical line, but well worth a browse...
Jedistar Ignore the strange name! Click through and you'll find information about guitar manufacturers, including classical, on this encyclopaedic Australian website, from vintage to current
Chris Dumigan - guitar teacher Chris plays acoustic and classical guitar, and is perhaps one of the UK's finest transcribers - he can turn CDs back into scores!
Muzicas Editions Paul Coles - a composer local to me - has a fascinating website - do drop by and dip in!
Guitar Academy Richard Corr's enjoyable course books - particularly suited to children
Be sure to visit this site - you'll be glad you did
How to play acoustic guitar Learn how to play acoustic guitar easily - free lessons!
GuitarTools A UK-based site which, although primarily non-classical, has some interesting theory and exercise pages.
Celtic Guitar There's something about Celtic Music that means that it comes alive when played on guitar. New York Guitarist Glenn Weiser has a comprehensive site with some free solo arrangements.
Forrest Guitar Ensembles Music composed or transcribed for guitars and other instruments, from small ensembles to large, from beginner to advanced
g4b g4b? Guitars for Beginners... Every world-class guitarist was a beginner once!
James Lister Sheffield Luthier James was a prize-winning student some years back. Now see what he is achieving...
Margriet Veerbeek It's all Dutch to me, but the links page is expansive - dig in!
In fact much of the site is now in English and it's well worth a visit...
Granary Guitars Alun Morgan's Granary Guitars is a unique collection of playable instruments which on special occasions is open for the guitar enthusiast. Visit the website to find out all about the guitar museum
Bach Plucked If you liked the freebie Bach Trio in my Takeaway, then immerse yourself in this giant of a composer, courtesy of Michael Stitt.
Terz A Guitar trio with some fine audio (needs Real Player). Keep practising all my hints and tips, and one day you can sound like this. Well, strictly, you'll sound like one third of this, of course...

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Open to suggestions I'm happy to receive suggestions for other links, and news of how you came to find me.