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Welcome to my Internet Guitar Ensemble Music School!

Wander along corridors, peek round doorways, slip into rooms unobserved - find out all about ensemble guitar!

This isn't a real school, but it's laid out like one, so you can explore a large site in a very intuitive way.

It's laid out in floors - just visit a floor from the tabs above. Each floor has a theme and a colour scheme...

When you visit a floor, you'll find doors - each door leads to a room or to a suite of rooms.

Every room has its own topic - take a look at the site map!

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  • No charge - help yourself to the free lessons and free music - enjoy your visits!


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Derek hasted Guitar Teacher Composer Arranger Produced by Derek Hasted MA(Cantab) DipABRSM.
I run an ensemble Workshop and direct hago (the Hampshire Guitar Orchestra) on the Hants Sussex border in Hampshire at the foot of the South Downs.
I'm a qualified Classical Guitar Teacher offering solo & class tuition & structured lessons.
If you use a search engine, my name's all too easy to mis-spell, but even if you typed gutiar or ensmeble by mistake, or any mix of Derek, Derrick or Dereck plus Hasted, Hastead or Halstead, you've still found me!