Past concerts and events

2nd July 2016

Summer Party and Student Concert

Each year, there's an open invitation to all my students to come to my annual Summer Party and Student concert on the first Saturday evening in July. Each year, about a quarter of my students bravely volunteer to play an item at a little informal concert. And then there's food and wine and chats!


Heart of Spain (Whitworth)

Liz D

Freestyling (Powlesland)

John M

Ragtime Serenade (Nuttall)

Jill F

Berceuse (Nuttall)

Mandy P

Night Piece (Nuttall & Whitworth)

Mike M

Canzone d'Amore (Linnemann)

Aurora GdV

Parisian Waltz (Stachak)

Viv H

Preludio de Adios (Montes)

Gary C

Shadow of the Moon (Lindsey-Clark)

Steve P

The Minstrel (Nuttall duet)

Viv H & Derek

Rondo Rodeo (Ryan)