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Good Looking Nails

Do your nails look this good?

Some of the Internet Guitar Mailing Lists go on and on about the importance of good looking nails, and with good reason too.

The starting point - the very secret of success - is to remove any sharp ends with a file.

But that's only the start.

The original Heavy Metal Guitarist

Meet Metal Mickey

Thank you Elaine, who took the digital photo, but fortunately gave it back again

Meet Metal Mickey (the name will be familiar to anyone brought up on a diet of UK Childrens' Television a few years back...)

This delightful chap has a pair of glasses made from washers, perched on a small nose made from the first of many nails.

His body is welded from nuts, washers and all sorts of other metal (and yes - you've guessed it - primarily from what looks suspiciously like the shafts of the ubiquitous Six-Inch Nail....).

He was presented to me at the end of our 1998 Charity Concert, where 35 of my pupils raised well over £1000 for the Patricia Massey Breast Care unit here in South East Hampshire.

Each year my pupils put on Concerts with the express aims of

And Metal Mickey, presented at the end of the 1998 Concert, is going to be a lasting reminder of just what a privilege it is for me to be able to work with pupils whose eye for detail and sense of fun in choosing a "trophy" is just the same eye for detail and sense of fun that helps make playing Ensemble Guitar so enjoyable .

You can hear just a little of that very Concert by clicking here.