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Guitar Humour (or Guitar Humor, if you prefer) in "Teacher's Eye View"

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Teacher's Eye View - some anecdotes

In this lesson I'll show you a glimpse of the social side...

Is Ensemble Guitar fun? You might as well ask if Scales are boring!

My Ensemble Workshops are a chance to play for fun, though when we're close to putting on a Concert, things do get rehearsed in some detail. It's when times are tense that the funniest moments turn up!

Like trying to describe your favourite comedy film to a friend, or the out-takes behind a TV program, the fun of relating them is nothing compared to the laughter of being there. Nonetheless, you are warmly invited to share some of the smiles that make teaching so rewarding, and make even the bad times seem so very worthwhile...

Proof also, perhaps, that the social side of Ensemble music adds a whole new dimension to playing Guitar.

I enclose some reports, covertly gathered at great personal risk, from some get-togethers I attended ...

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The Social Side

Life at the blackboard

Whether you have studied my Ensemble Lessons in detail, or merely clicked aimlessly and ended up here, you have at least stayed on the site long enough to see quite a lot of pages flash by.

I can't teach you everything about Ensemble Playing in a few web pages, and I can't teach you easily via the Internet either. But I can show you enough of Ensemble Guitar that you might want to pursue it for real now. I hope so!

It's my hope that you play Ensemble Guitar with the same sense of fun & joy that I've been able to instil in my players.

Remember what I said earlier - if it isn't fun, what are you doing it for?

"The Joy of Guitar Ensembles ..."
From getting started, to rehearsing, to performing, to enjoying the whole experience,
I hope these pages raise a smile.
If they do, you'll go on to enjoy Ensemble Guitar. And how!