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Guitar Ensemble Anecdotes - Mexican Hat Dance

Welcome to one of several popup windows with true-life stories from my teaching career (such as it is!)

Mexican Hat Dance

CONFIDENTIAL - for your eyes only
 Venue A pupil's lounge in Waterlooville, Southern England
 Agenda To celebrate the successful execution (in both senses) of the 10th Anniversary Guitar Workshop Concert
  This report is classified PERSONAL - CONFIDENTIAL. If caught in the possession of this story, eat it!

Over half a dozen of my pupils gathered together for a "bash" - an evening of Ensemble Guitar in which the music was accompanied. Accompanied by some fine white wine and nibbly bits. As the evening progressed, playing moved from piece to piece and from part to part in rapid succession.

It's hard to remember who suggested we play Mexican Hat Dance, and it's harder still to recall who suggested that we needed to play it with more authenticity.

Sombreros are hard to come by in Waterlooville, and at that time of night, the 24-hour One-Stop didn't look too promising. It was decided that a Mexican Wave would be an acceptable substitute...

A word of friendly advice... don't try this at home...

 Memo Bring Guitar Strap next time.
 Note Michael : Sparkling white wine is not recommended when undertaking violent exercise.