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Teacher's Welcome

If we've not said "Hello" before, I'm Derek Hasted, Guitar Teacher, Composer and Arranger. 

If you have just a modest experience of Solo Classical Guitar and Ensemble Guitar, then you should find plenty of hints, tips, advice and reassurance in my Classroom.

Let's get into a learning frame of mind - here are some facts to make you think...

So I hope you'll find these pages enjoyable.

So I hope you'll find these pages instructive.

So I hope you find every detail on these pages help you progress.

So I hope you find behind the smiles that these pages are thought-provoking.

In a world where big business exists to relieve you of your money and pass it to their shareholders, my site, such as it is, is free. Please help yourself.

So I hope, behind all the jokes and levity, you discover the real message on this site.

I'll take you through a structured set of lessons which I hope will fire your imagination and encourage you to try Ensemble Guitar.

Come and take a seat! Press Next when you are ready