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My Classrooms are where you can browse or download a set of structured guitar lessons, peppered with hints, tips, suggestions and advice drawn from my work in setting up, running and enjoying Guitar Ensembles.

Whether you are a teacher or a pupil, I have dozens of hints and tips...
  Things you should do,
  Things you really rather shouldn't....

Come on in and eavesdrop on my lessons - no-one will know!


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Classroom 0 Teacher's Welcome Let me introduce my ideas to you
Classroom 1 Lesson 1 - Thinking Why play Guitar Ensembles?
Classroom 2 Lesson 2 - Planning Setting up an Ensemble Group
Classroom 3 Lesson 3 - Rehearsing Enjoying your very first rehearsal
Classroom 4 Lesson 4 - Performing Organising your first performance