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About These Pages

You're probably as sick as I am with those pages that boast...
"This page was created on a 45 GigaHertz PC, powered using Cold Nuclear Fusion and using superheated steam as the primary heat transfer agent off to a high-pressure turbine capable of generating 6 megawatts of electric power which is distributed across a city the size of New York."

This, then, with typical British understatement, is how these pages were born...

I have no interest in technology for its own sake.
My machine is quick and easy to use, and my software is quick and easy to use. That's why I bought them.
It leaves me time and energy to get on with the jobs of teaching and of creating music.

I'd recommend a similar setup to anyone in a similar situation.

My other tools comprise a digital piano with weighted keys, and an endless supply of coffee.

I'd also recommend the coffee to anyone in a similar situation.